Reclaim your floor

at bmi PitLane our expert teams specialise repairing and servicing all types of walking, running, moving, live, and non-functional floor systems to the highest standard.

  • We offer:

    - Floor turning (to extend lifespan)
    - Floor replacement
    - Seal, bearing, filter and control valve replacements
    - Hydraulic diagnostics
    - Trailer Servicing

We believe that maintaining your walking floor gives it a longer life, therefore, giving you a better return on your investment.

To discuss additional requirements, give us a call on:
- Dungannon: 02887753999
- Redditch: 01384 262749

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Our service partners

By choosing bmi, you'll have the added peace-of-mind afforded by having priority access to our exclusive UK national service network.

No job is too small for our Pitlane repair and servicing specialists. We're here to make your job easier, from start to finish.

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