Waste-A-Way Final Trailer Delivered

Waste-A-Way Final Trailer Delivered

Spring/Summer 2015 has seen a very busy production line here at the bmi group, with many customer placing multiple order of Walking Floor and Ejector trailers.

Pictured here is one such customer, Ian Whitehair, Managing Director of Waste-A-Way Recycling Ltd in Essex. Ian can be seen receiving the keys of his Walking Floor from bmi representative, Steve Powell. This vehicle was the last of fifteen ordered from bmi.

These 130 cu yrd trailers were manufactured exactly to Waste-A-Way's specification, and were fitted with a Keith V18 impact alloy walking floor, and a CleanSweep blade system.

This major addition to Waste-A-Way's fleet allows the company to offer existing clients an improved service, as well as expand into new market areas.

We thank Waste-A-Way for their custom, and look forward to seeing their vehicles on the road.

Full trailer Specification:

  • 130 cu yrd Walking Floor Trailer
  • Keith Walking Floor V18 impact alloy floor system
  • Keith Clean Sweep Blade system
  • Half Net Hydraulic Sheeter
  • Knorr Bremse TEBS Braking System
  • Aspock LED Lights
  • 50/50 Split Barn Doors

Talk to the team at bmi for your trailer specifications.