The Future Of Asphalt Delivery!

The Future Of Asphalt Delivery!

Welcome to the future of asphalt delivery....introducing the bmi RockPusher ejector trailer from Europe's leading bulk materials ejector manufacturer for over 20 years- bmi trailers. This video shows the bmi IsoBlackPusher (RockPusher) at work before it is delivered to a new customer in France. It is well known that tipper trailers create irregular discharge, danger from overhead cables or tree branches and structures and it is very labor-intensive. But with the bmi RockPusher, a better, safer, more measured, and controlled method is offered. With this trailer, a superior and metered discharge rate is possible with efficient insulation to enhance productivity.The RockPusher is controlled from the paver/feeder machine or Banksman via a wireless remote control, offering up to 30 tons of payload delivered in under 3 minutes SAFELY with no drama, no risk, just with efficiency and with a total cleanout guaranteed every time, on time and with total control.

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