Bmi Intelligent Trailer Technology

Bmi Intelligent Trailer Technology

Intelligent Trailer Technology

At bmi trailers one of the key factors of our success is our continual investment in innovation and a willingness to embrace new technologies. The move towards electric autonomous vehicles is changing the truck and car industries. With the new technologies available the trailer industry will soon follow the same path. Using the latest developments in telematics and IoT, bmi trailers have produced their first SMART trailer. The trailer collects information from the brake system ECU and a range of digital sensors to monitor and record all the critical data relevant to your trailers performance. The telematics system collects data on the below items.

Location (GPS global tracker)

Payload Speed Driver performance

Roll stability activation

ABS activation

Tyre pressure Brake pad wear

Brake fault warning

Total miles Hydraulic pressure

Hydraulic flow rate

Using this information, a range of reports and early warning systems can be developed. Using these tools drivers and transport managers can ensure their trailer is safe and operating efficiently. The trailer telematics allows information to be provided in real time to smart phones, tablets and through and internet portal. In partnership with some of our local customer base the prototype trailer is being tested with a range of tractor units, in different environments, moving a range of materials.

Look out for this lady on the road,bmi 125yrd moving floor trailer, 7mm extreme durable cargo floor, bmi Powercover, Heavy duty SAF axles with auto tyre inflation system, Powered retractable bulkhead, Full length domex chassis,High grade steel top-rails.

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